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How do IT Staffing Agencies work

How do IT staffing agencies work?

Most staffing agencies work in a more or less similar fashion. But, in this post, we’ll explain how WeDevelop works and what sets us apart. We’ve crafted this unique staffing approach based on our long experience working with countless US-based companies to augment their staff quickly with excellent IT professionals.

What is an IT staffing agency?

Staffing agencies, sometimes also called recruitment or staffing firms/services, help companies find qualified job candidates for open positions. The main goal of an IT staffing agency is to match hiring managers with the right IT professionals, developers, designers, and engineers. This is done through staff augmentation, full onboarding, or labor contracting.

Our process

We have iterated and fine-tuned our staffing process to meet every customer’s expectation in the best way possible. Every step of the process, from candidate screening to ongoing support, is designed to guarantee excellent staffing experience, speed, and accuracy.

Step 1: Understanding your needs

The first step is finding out what you — the client — are looking for. We start with either a voice call or web conference meeting to discuss your needs. The goal here is to understand the project’s or position’s requirements and match those to the corresponding professional skills. From there, we can piece together the kind of talent that would best suit your needs.

This discussion is non-intrusive and only covers the scope of your staffing requirements. We only ask what we need to know. But, if necessary, we can sign an NDA to protect your privacy.

Step 2: Talent proposal

After the initial call, we’ll have gathered enough information to determine the criteria for selecting suitable candidates. We first look for potential hires meeting all the requirements in our talent pool. If any are found, we recommend them right away. Otherwise, we start a quick but thorough head-hunting process to get suitable candidates for you.

Our screening criteria focus on finding candidates whose qualifications, experience, skillset, cultural background, time zone, language, and other important aspects best align with the job’s description.

Before we present any candidates, we have them sign an NDA and pre-offer contract. This ensures that they are ready to start work immediately after the final approval.

Step 3: Interview and feedback

You get to interview the hand-picked candidates yourself after our selection process. But even at this stage, our job is still far from done. If you’re not satisfied with the selections, our vetting team goes back to the drawing board. We again scour our talent pool and labor markets for favorable candidates based on your feedback from the interviews, this time narrowing down even further.

Once you are satisfied with our proposals and ready to hire, we’ll proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Legal aspects

After selecting a candidate or team from our recommendations, we meet one more time to go over the paperwork and legal details of our relationship. We like to maintain mutual, long-term relationships with our clients. So, this step is not just a shallow formality. It’s important to officially declare how our role as a staffing agency meets your expectations as our valued client. This ensures that we serve the best interests of both parties.

Ongoing support and follow-up

One of the things that set WeDevelop apart from other staffing agencies is ongoing support. We genuinely care about our clients, even long after a successful talent match. One of the perks of our long-term relationship is keeping tabs on our clients and hires. We’ll regularly contact the people we helped you hire to find out how they’re doing. We’ll also stay in touch with you for feedback on the new hires.

On top of that, we’ll also be there to help you out with any staffing-related issues you may encounter along the way. Continuous follow-up helps improve the hiring experience, and on our end, it gives us pointers and insights to inform our talent matching process for future hires.

Ready to augment your IT staff with WeDevelep? Schedule a call with us and start enriching your IT talent pool, one excellent hire at a time.

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