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Choosing the Right IT Staffing Agency

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Finding the right talent to fill any position within your company can prove to be challenging, which is why many companies decide to partner with an IT staffing agency. They do the heavy lifting to source and onboard team members so you, the business manager, don’t have to. And they usually help you cut costs.

The IT staffing agency will vet candidates for you. Before you even need to expand, the staffing agency will review their experience and qualifications so they can maintain a big talent pool. If on paper, a candidate appears to align with what your company might be looking for, the staffing agency will then coordinate interviews so you can get qualified individuals onboarded at your business within a relatively short time

IT staffing agencies are not all created equal, however. If you’re considering working with one for your hiring needs, we have put together a review of what to look for. 

The Importance of a Large Talent Pool

IT staffing agencies build large talent pools, which are databases of job candidates whose skills, abilities, and education may align with your company’s goals and values.  Building a large talent pool of profiles that are curated with care and expertise means the right talent is available at all times. It’s a staffing best practice. A larger pool means a greater probability of instant success.

An updated talent pool can eliminate potential setbacks, which can be costly. It also means you get to fill each role right away and ensures that the talent you choose can perform once they become a member of your team. Onboarding experienced individuals may mean you won’t have to do much training to get them started on your projects. They’ll essentially be able to hit the ground running once hired. 

Here are a few additional reasons why a large talent pool helps:

Talent Diversity

Not all companies that share an industry will be looking for the same type of talent. Even if you are seeking skills dealing with the same tech stack, you might need candidates whose profiles demonstrate a variety of skill sets or experience. 

As a client, if there’s a diverse talent pool, you’ll have more talent to choose from, so you may be able to hire more quickly. A good staffing agency with years of experience in your industry can tell you how each candidate will contribute to your expanded team.

High-Quality Talent

IT workers are everywhere, but highly talented IT professionals are not. A good IT staffing agency will leverage its networks to find the best talent to fit the needs of diverse companies. They spend a great deal of time working to build their talent pool through referrals, networking, and relationships. When it’s all done well, the agency reaches far enough to find strong talent that can make an impact at your business.

The Importance of Client Relationship Management

The staffing agency that you decide to partner with should take the time to understand your expectations. Not all companies have the same expectations, even if they offer the same services. Each client is unique. Needs will vary by project and will change over time. A good staffing agency should be prepared to ask questions that will help them understand what’s important to you and your business. If those questions don’t come up in your consultation, it’s a good idea to speak with another agency or two until you feel like you’ve found one that understands you.

Once a staffing agency has met your needs and has helped you select your new employees, they shouldn’t consider their job done. A good staffing agency will help onboard your employees, replace any who don’t meet your standards and keep in touch with you to ensure that everything is going well. Your happiness should be the agency’s top priority. They should make sure you’re pleased with your talent and their ability to perform in their new role. If you’re not happy, the agency should be prepared to present you with other qualified candidates promptly.

Staffing Best Practices & Qualities to Look For

What are the qualities of staffing agencies that provide excellent service? And what best practices do great staffing agencies follow? Here are some examples. The more of these you can check off during your consultation, the better.

Decency & Generosity

It might seem obvious, but decency and respect play an important role in staffing. The agency’s representatives should be courteous towards you, of course, but they should also treat their talent properly.

The more experienced candidates are, the more likely they are to drop out of a talent pool the moment they feel like their value isn’t understood. In a domestic or local scenario, their willingness to drop out of the agency’s talent pool depends on the local job market. In an outsourcing scenario, you should understand that this means the lowest-cost agency might not be the best place to go for your new talent.

On the other hand, if you’re outsourcing, keep the regions where the agencies source their talent in mind. (Wondering if language is a concern? We help to answer that question here.) You might even consider finding out what the average pay for the position in the candidate’s region is. If you think they won’t be paid what they’re worth, you should probably be concerned about whether they’ll stick around or whether your turnover will be high. And not only that, but also whether the advertised compensation was good enough to attract quality talent in the first place.

Staffing best practices also include maintaining relationships with talent. Consistent and personalized engagement with talent is a key component to letting them know that they are still on the staffing agency’s radar and ensuring they are still available. If this doesn’t happen, the staffing agency could risk losing the most qualified candidates. You can ask about how an agency communicates with its talent pool if you want an idea of how well they maintain contact.

Quick Sourcing Speed

If an IT staffing agency does not have the right candidate in their talent pool to fill an open position at your company, they should be able to find more qualified talent quickly, so as not to slow down the hiring process. A provider of quality IT staffing services is focused on helping you get the best hiring experience it can provide. If the talent isn’t there, the agency will work with you to find it. 

Inquire about the agency’s sourcing process before you make a deal. A good staffing company will mention their network, most likely with connections at schools and a well-developed social media community. 

Market Trend Knowledgeability 

An IT staffing agency should stay up-to-date with market trends. In this ever-changing world that we live in, agencies should always be familiar with new technologies and the demands facing businesses like yours. An agency that isn’t familiar with your industry may not understand exactly what qualifies a candidate for a role. This is especially true in technical fields, as new software, lingo, and even regulations seem to pop up daily.

Be sure to ask about the agency’s experience working with other clients and how they helped with specific needs. You want to know if they are familiar with the technology you work with and the challenges you face.

Attention to Detail

When seeking a staffing agency for your employment needs, the agency should have an accurate understanding of the role(s) you need to fill. The agency should also be confident in the talents’ competency to effectively step into a position within your company. Many good agencies also use databases that make it easier to organize information and choose fitting candidates. 

Attention to detail means understanding how to satisfy clients as well. By working with an IT staffing agency, you should have the ability to be flexible in the hiring process. You may be able to hire an employee as a temporary worker. This will allow you to see the employee’s work ethic, time management skills, and other important traits. In the long run, you’ll avoid conflict and headaches. Nonetheless, a well-maintained talent pool will provide you with a myriad of other qualified candidates to choose from, which means you should be afforded the ability to replace a team member when one doesn’t meet the mark.

Next Steps

Partnering with a high-quality IT staffing agency that “delivers” is a smart choice for many companies, especially when cost savings is an important factor. But the experience and know-how of candidates in an agency’s talent pool can make or break a team expansion, especially when talent is outsourced.

Know the qualities of a successful IT staffing agency before you sign any papers to make a deal. Make sure the agency’s talent pool is large and well-sourced, and that the candidates are treated with respect. And take your time. Get to know the people who will be in contact with you throughout the hiring and onboarding process, and who will help you if something goes wrong thereafter. 

Speaking of which, WeDevelop’s experts would love to meet you and help you decide how to approach your staffing needs. Want to talk? Send us a message.

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