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10 free activities and games to play with your remote team

Engaging a team nowadays can be challenging, considering that the members are distributed across multiple time zones and that in some cases they have never met face to face.

It’s key to make sure that your team has a space where remote employees can socialize outside the context of work.

This time of the year can be an excellent excuse to innovate with remote team-building games. Virtual fun games can be a great way to check your goals and make meetings more interactive.

Find here our chosen icebreaker games and team bonding activities to try with your employees.

  • Two truths and a lie

    Each member of the group introduces themselves by stating two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, the rest of the team has to guess which of the three statements is a lie. This could be a fun online game to play during a coffee break hangout and always results in some fun water cooler chit-chat. The only thing you need is the group of people.  It is ideal for 10 to 15 people. If you have a larger gathering, divide people into teams so it doesn’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes to get through everyone.

  • A picture of your life

    Ask every member of the team to share a picture of something from their life. Have them then present their photo on screen and share a story that describes their life. You will be amazed by how this simple and cost free technique engages your team.

  • Virtual Trivia with Kahoot

    Trivias are always fun to play, especially when you are playing as a team. To play this game, jot down random trivia questions and answers. What is cool about Kahoot is that it shows how each player is performing and that motivates friendly competition. If your team is bigger than 20 people, split into teams – you can choose how many teams you’re going to make. Whichever team returns with the correct answer wins a points. Make it more interesting by offering a prize for the winning team!

  • Critical Thinking Virtual Icebreaker

    Start the online meeting by posing a question that’s compelling enough to get your thinking caps on. For example:

    • There are ten birds perched on a fence. A farmer aims his rifle and shoots one. How many birds are left?
    • What weighs more – 100 pounds of feathers or 100 pounds of quarters?

    You can find questions like these on Udemy. So, take one and ask your mates. After the question is asked, give everyone 30 seconds to choose an answer. After they have shared their replies, ask them why they chose that answer. Give them a minute to write down their response, and then after a minute, have them reveal the answer one by one. You will be surprised hearing all the answers, moreover, reading the real answer.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunts allow team members to collaborate with one another, while also letting them delegate tasks and utilize each other’s strengths and skills.

    Split your employees into two or more teams. Create a list of items that you think most people will have in their homes. Set the clock for 5 minutes and get each team to go and find their items. If you’re on a video call, ask each team to show what they have found. And the team with the most collected items is the winner.

  • Blackout truth or dare

It’s the virtual version of the cult-classic truth or dare game. But instead of spinning the bottle, one player is chosen as the dare-master. They will call out truths or dares. If you don’t wish to share, you must stop your webcam feeds. The dare-master then will call on one player who will respond to what they ask.

  • Charades

This classic game is perfect for remote workers. One person acts out a word or phrase and the rest of the team has to guess what it is.

  • Hangman

Similar to charades, this game involves one player guessing a word letter by letter while everyone else tries to prevent the hangman from being drawn. Make sure you pick a virtual event platform with an interactive whiteboard, like Remo, to make it a lot more fun.

  • Virtual Prizes for the team

Who always dresses the best? Who’s the all-around MVP, the most helpful, most funny, or most organized of the group? Who’s most likely to start a random dance party or host a book club? Let everyone vote and give little prizes to winners of each category.

  • Memory games

Want to check how creative your employees are? Play a memory game. It’s a communication game where someone describes a picture, and everyone draws what they hear.

You can use tools like Skribbl, Wordraw, and Drawasaurus or just use Zoom’s Share Screen+Whiteboard feature. Just get the team online and you can immediately start playing.

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