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Revolutionize Your Staffing Business with Nubel: Less is More for Efficient Management

In the dynamic landscape of staffing companies, efficient management and resource optimization are crucial for achieving success.

Nubel, born from our internal experience at WeDev, is a solution tailored to maximize return on investment. With its ‘less is more’ approach empowers agile and efficient management, saving valuable time and resources. Transforming technology into a strategic partner for your company’s success. 


Nubel aligns with WeDev’s philosophy of valuing time and focus as the most precious resources. We believe people should engage in valuable tasks, leaving the rest to technology. Nubel embodies this idea, enabling users to maximize their time and attention on what truly matters. Offering an integrated, results-driven solution for staffing agencies, eliminating the need for multiple tools and allowing businesses to focus on growth and sales rather than operational repetitive management.

This will lead you to achieve quick results and scale your business effectively, without the complications of using multiple tools or adapting non-specific ERPs and avoid significant investments in various tools.


By having different areas of the company coexisting in a single system, benefiting from each other’s provided information, Nubel enables:

  • Increased sales potential.
  • Efficient use of time and energy.
  • Clarity in finances and management.
  • Short, medium, and long-term projections.
  • Absolute visibility of your business.

What are the key features

  • TALENT ACQUISITION: AI resume builder, ATS (Application Tracking System),talent pool, and more.
  • OPERATIONS: Assignment management and time tracking.
  • SALES: Sales pipeline, client profile management, and CRM.
  • PEOPLE: 1-click payment with salary settlement powered by Payoneer and client invoicing.


Explore more and experience the transformative power of Nubel at 

Try it now and unlock the full potential of your staffing business!

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